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How to Make Your Design Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

Karen, Owner and Creative Director, found this HOW article about how to make your resume stand out from the crowd, and also wanted to share her thoughts on what makes a good resume:

After receiving hundreds of resumes for our recent (now filled) openings, I have some thoughts to share. If you are a designer, I expect to see a designed resume. Your online resume or pdf is my first glimpse into your skills so make it represent you. A designer’s resume should have something about it that speaks to your design style, but be careful not to over design. A clean layout is important so that the employer can easily read your information and quickly navigate through the facts. An online portfolio is the norm these days. Sending your resume with a cover letter is a nice touch when the letter gives just a bit more insight as to why you are the right fit for the position. Be sure to proofread though — one too many times I have received a cover letter addressed to the wrong company. Have a friend take one last look for you.

For other positions a standard, straight-forward layout that is well-written will do the trick. A designed resume does not make sense as these are not the skills needed for the position.

Some other quick takeaways:

• There is no need for a photograph. What matters is your credentials for the job you are applying. 

• When emailing your resume, send the resume as a pdf and not as a screen capture or word document. But if uploading to a job application site, please follow their specifications.

• If you get an interview, be prepared and bring printed copies of your resume with you.

• If you leave the interview and want the job, email a thank you immediately. Be specific in your email as to why you feel you are the right fit for the position. 



Meredith Minnick