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The advertising industry's work/life balance.

The ad industry is known for long hours and weekend work, so when we found this Adweek article on how to achieve your work goals and still have a personal life, we thought we'd add our two cents. 

Brianna, Graphic Designer, recent college grad:
I am so glad to be working at Fiore Design! I recognize that I have a lot to learn and I’m excited to be a part of this team. I also hope to grow outside of work and am trying to strike that balance. I have always tried to balance between my graphic design work, my hobbies, and social/family activities. I’ve been aiming to reach this goal by waking up early to draw and work at nights on lettering. I believe that each passion feeds off the other and helps me grow as both a designer/artist and individual. 

Meredith, Account Manager, 10 plus years experience: 
I am now over 13 years into my career in the advertising/design industry. When I first started out, I put in the long hours and weekend work. Now, I believe I have learned how to work more efficiently, and when I encounter issues that lead to long hours in the past, I have more experience to know which path to proceed down. I am a big advocate of having balance in your work and personal life, but at the same time there is going to be a learning curve at the beginning of your career. Over time and with proper planning of your day, the amount of those long days and weekends will diminish.

Karen, Creative Director, 20 plus years experience:
After working on the agency side and corporate sides of the business, I realized that many times companies are all about the work and not about the people. At Fiore Design, we have put in our overtime hours and have had those tough, way too many hour weeks. But I think it is important to have a balance and not burn-out. I believe that life balance makes for happier and healthy people and those are the people we want working at Fiore Design. We work hard when we work but we set expectations, and collaborate as a team so that we can meet deadlines whenever possible within normal business hours. It is not always easy to maintain that balance, but there is more to life than work.

Karla, Art Director, 10 plus years experience:
Many times I've found that the difficulty in the work-life balancing act stems from being creatively stuck, and in my case, typically from overthinking. The trouble begins in believing I can force the solution if I just put more hours into the project. Stay late; skip this or that event; work the weekend. And after years of that schedule, you’re exhausted. One of the most revolutionary moments in my career was knowing when it was appropriate step back from a project. More times than not, the creative solution I had spent hours seeking reveals itself to me in a flash while commuting, cooking, or as I’m about to fall asleep. I make a quick note or sketch, save for later, weight lifted and go into work looking like a hero. The minute I realized it wasn’t about putting work or life aside completely in order to have work-life balance, I discovered true balance. 

Kandyce, Account Coordinator, recent college grad:
When you are coming out of college directly into a corporate setting like I did, it is definitely easy to see how there is a chance for burnout. Most of us recent grads get the first job that comes at us, instead of a job we dream of, because it builds our resumes. However, you tend to blend in to the rest of the work and it almost seems like you are forced into an uninteresting routine. Working at Fiore Design, I have more room for growth and opportunity. I feel like I have a say, which makes me absolutely love my job. It is so easy to put in the extra work and long hours, because it is something I enjoy. The phrase “when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work”, could not be more true.